My results report from my test of VigRX Plus and Enzyte

By the way guys, the views and results expressed in this web site are exclusively mine, your results or experiences may vary so keep that in mind!

The purpose of this report is to inform you, the man searching for an effective safe way to enlarge your penis. I researched many products including Extagen, Enzyte, Extenze, longitude, Magna RX, VigRX as well as many exercise only methods while compiling my penis enlargement information below.

Review and test of VigRX Plus pills in 2016

It was not easy, many times when calling or emailing companies such as Longitude, it was almost impossible to get feedback to my questions from a company representative.

Anyway it was worth it, because I found a product that worked for me and it worked for my buds too, so I thought I would put this page out there for you to review and assist in making your own choice.

I will say this it is very cool having gone from a small or average sized penis to one I’m very proud of and not afraid to show a girl. What a boost to my fragile ego, it is incredible what taking a stupid pill can do.

The Size Max or sizemax pills are a new product on the market from a company called longitude. Now if you go to the old site you can see they were shut down because of their bad business practices. You can see on the Size Max site they say their stuff is brought to you from the makers of Longitude. The formula is exactly the same too and you can see by my other reports I never had success with that product and no luck getting my money back. I don’t think Sizemax will be any better, and they add you to their automatic billing for multiple bottles of Size max (SizeMax) even if you don’t want too. It was extremely difficult to cancel with Longitude I wonder how hard it will be with Size Max. I would definitely recommend not going the size max route and sticking with VigRX Plus, a product that has worked for me and a bunch of my friends.

The ingredients in VigRX Plus are really good

I surely recommend VigRX Plus as my penis enlargement brand of choice

Phase 1 "Choosing the right pill"

To start my adventure, I began researching the different choices available to me. Many factors were used in making my decisions. Here is how I based my choices:

  1. pany Claims: Success Rate, Growth Potential
  2. Cost: How much do I have to pay?
  3. Quantity: How many pills come in a bottle?
  4. Time: How long do I have to take them for?
  5. Reputation: Company Reputation, complaints, etc…
  6. Customer Service: Can I get in touch with the company?
  7. Guarantee: What kind of Guarantee do I get?

Based on this information I narrowed my selection to the 2 best choices: Enzyte & VigRX

Phase 2 "Taking the pills"

I took Enzyte from 04/2001 through 10/2001 = 6 months

Then I took a 2-month break to clean out my system

I took VigRX Plus -- from 01/2002 – 04/2002 = 4 months

Phase 3 "The results"

My Starting Size - 5 3/4" Length & 2 1/2" Thick.

After 6 months on the Enzyte program, I noticed a small amount of growth. Most of the difference was during months 2-3.

  • Size after Enzyte = 6 1/2" Length & 2 3/4" Thick
  • Enzyte Results = 3/4 inches growth in length & 1/2 inches growth in thickness.

After 4 months on the VigRX Plus I noticed an unbelievable amount of growth. I started to see results after 3 weeks and it continued from there.

  • Size After VigRX Plus = 8 inches Length & 4 1/2 inches Thick
  • VigRX Plus Results = 2 1/4 inches Growth in Length & 2 inches Growth in Thickness

Other mens results

I have found some other guys who had amazing results, you can check out their sites if you like.

My test summary

I must admit, when first brought to my attention, the idea of growing your penis with a pill sounded completely crazy. After I looked into it a little more & asked around, I began to become intrigued. I decided what the hell, not only will I try them - but I will make a report to post on the web for other guys out there who aren't so sure about these penis growth pills. I guess you could say, "I'll take one for the team".

After my research & time spent taking the pills, I will say this:

The VigRX Plus were hands down the biggest bang for my buck. I actually feel like I got a great deal in the end. I spent $210.80 on my 4 1/2 months supply and realized 2 1/2 inches in new growth. That's $84.32 per inch!

Plus, my staying power increased tremendously and my erections are as hard as a rock now. I wish you could talk to some of the girls I've been with since starting the VigRX Plus. Better yet - I wish you could see their faces in the heat of the moment. I feel like a new man now. And let me tell you - work travels fast amongst the ladies about whose good in bed and who’s well hung.

Check your pills if you bought them on ebay or amazon

One other thing this taught me is that women love sex too. Guys like any sex. Women like good sex. I had this weekend fling with a girl from work last month - Since then I've been with 3 of her friends. 2 of them at the same time! Now that I'm well hung and can last for a long time - opportunities just keep presenting themselves. It's like a snowball effect.

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